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The Idea

We are a community of women born out of a need and opportunity to present our brand ,While letting word of mouth work its magic.



Pitch pact

Pitch Pact came about as there is an evident need to convey a platform for the many Black Women business owners. Despite 2020 being a dismal year for many worldwide. There was an upsweep of new business and startups that came about, as 34% of Black Entrepreneurs were already taking steps in becoming a boss, while 29% were also ready to pursue their passion. Thirty-five percent of Black business makers are comprised of Black Women. Black Entrepreneurs Men and Women remain one of the demographics with the highest ratio making a go in formulating their own wealth.

So, where does Pitch Pact fit here? Well, many small businesses struggle to find an audience to showcase their product or project. Sometimes it’s a hassle just getting a glimmer of recognition, this is where Pitch Pact comes in. We provide an intimate platform for these business owners to reach others, by doing just that, pitching their cause. The Pact is that we help push and support your pitch by finding interest in purchases or support. Most importantly is working within the network to push by word of mouth on suggesting your brand or service to others.

Yolanda Brunson- Sarrabo

CEO of Spitfir Productions, Chronic Fitness and Pitch Pact

About me

Yolanda is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is the author of the fashion guide “The Ins and Outs of the Fashion Industry- From a Fashion Insider”. Among her many other projects; She has made a name for herself in the film as Wardrobe Supervisor and Product Placement Consultant for independent films. Yolanda was part of the inceptive production ad product development phase for Rocawear Clothing. 

Yolanda oversees a virtual fitness boutique that caters to clients, who have long-standing health challenges. 

She is proud to provide an opportunity for other women to highlight their brand.