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Virtual Presentation Platform

Catering BlackWomen Small Businesses



Pitch Pact is an outlet for Black Women with small start-ups to pitch and promote their business. The club’s goal is to support and build a camaraderie that gives a voice in channeling word of mouth by promoting projects at hand. This is not simply promote and forget but to also share in their outlets, while uplift is the goal of Pitch Pact.

Pitch Pact: Empowering Black Women Entrepreneurs through support and shared promotion.

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Introducing Black Women Bank: the Next Step in Financial Empowerment
As an extension of Pitch Pact, Black Women Bank aims to provide practical steps and tips for stretching your dollar and regaining financial freedom.


I really appreciate the presentations and hearing about some awesome new businesses!

Jenny B

This is WONDERFUL!! Such a blessing to help in the networking process.

Traci G

So happy for Pitch Pact, I wish there were other platforms like this that catered to Black women. We need to support and uplift this space!

Lisa C

Nice layout and a unique opportunity.

Lady Ro